Custom Plush Toy based on Old Toy photos, Recreate childhood toy

Eyecandy Monsters

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This is a 100 % custom order and the pictures are just an example of what I can accomplish from a photo.

Have you ever wished you could offer a kid the biggest surprise and turn his imagination into real toys? Or do you have some old toys that you want to rejuvenate and turn them into new edition toys?

I can turn your child's drawing or your sketch into a custom toy or doll. Or I can create a new toy starting from pictures of your old ones.

Each idea needs to estimated and can have a different price and processing time. If your drawing needs an extra fee or more time I will let you now right after I receive your message.

Please send me a message or a custom request and attach a photo and I will give you a quote and set up a special order listing for you.


Send us a photo or scan of the drawing as a messages. Please mention any details you think consider important. Please mention the address you want the doll to be shipped to.

I will we able to plan a solution for your toy and then I will send you an confirmation as a reply to your message and a delivery date. 

After I receive the payment, I will begin to work on your unique order and respect the DDL I promised.

I will always show you the final result before I will ship it. I will allow max 3 days for you to agree on the final toy after I will ship it to you. I will be able to send you a tracking number once I have shipped your order.

I will wait for your happy reaction when you will receive it ! ;)