Plush doll replica of real people, selfie fabric doll, football player portrait, custom doll based of photos of you, 50 cm, custom plush doll of your idol


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THIS OFFER INCLUDES 1 DOLL of 50 cm with embroidered face details, make of soft plush or fleece, with flexible neck, arms and legs.
PRODUCTION time for MY PERSONALIZED TOYS is around 4 WEEKS + shipping, planned after you make the payment.


After making the payment please send me a MESSAGE including:
- one (or more PICTURES), preferably CLOSE UP of the face 
- specify skin color, eye and hair colour and hairstyle or/end facial hair style 
- any important details on clothes you want, or other features, I can propose also solutions
- the name of the person I will make as a mini me Doll , it comes with a recycled paper tag

My personalized dolls are not an exact portrait, as you see in the pictures, but a stylized representation of the main features that characterize that person. 
I try to catch a glimpse of the personality in each of my toys.
I will start working on your Mini-me doll AFTER receipt of payment and I always will send you a picture prior to shipping so you see the final result and approve it.
WRAPPING: The doll ships together with a paper tag attached with their names handwritten on it (ex : Mini - FIRST NAME) and carefully wrapped in white silk paper and then placed into a cardboard box that has the Eyecandy Monsters Logo on it. That's how they can travel safely.

Each doll is handmade from :
- fleece or plush - the body
- polyester fiberfill - the filling
- Embroidery threads - all  face details and clothes details are designed and embroidered on the toy
- different fabrics and threads for hair and clothes
- clothes can be removed and washed into the washing machine into a protective bag, at 30 degrees, but if they are hand painted please clean them carefully by hand without rubbing on the painting
- the doll can be washed using the washing machine, 30 degrees C, max 600 rotations, put the doll into a protective bag first. If the doll has long hair please put the hair into a tail first before putting in into the washing bag.
In the toy has curly hair I recommend washing it only by hand, using a soft cloth, warm soapy water and avoiding to wet the hair.


My personalized dolls are collectable toys, please treat them with care.