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Eyecandy Monsters

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This is a 100 % custom order and the pictures are just an example of what I can accomplish from few photos of an old toy.This replica toy is 35 cm long.

Have you ever wished you could offer a kid the biggest surprise and turn his imagination into real toys? Or do you have some old toys, maybe your childhood favorite toy that you want to rejuvenate and turn into a new toy ?

This was a custom order where I had to recreated this old toy respecting this original shape and also the vintage style. This old toy was the keeper of childhood memories of a young woman and her husband decided to surprise her with a new toy she would be happy to keep in her house, not in a garage box anymore. 

Each idea needs to estimated and has a different price and processing time.

Please send me a message or a custom request and attach a photo and I will give you a quote and set up a special order listing for you.


Send me a photo or scan of the drawing as a messages. Please mention any details you think consider important. Please mention the address you want the toy to be shipped to.

I will we able to plan a solution for your toy and then I will send you an confirmation as a reply to your message and a delivery date. 

After I receive the payment, I will begin to work on your unique order and respect the DDL I promised.

I will always show you the final result before I will ship it. I will allow max 3 days for you to agree on the final toy after I will ship it to you. I will be able to send you a tracking number once I have shipped your order.

I will wait for your happy reaction when you will receive it ! ;)