How to order a Mini-me Portrait Doll

How to order a MINI-ME PORTRAIT DOLL :

After making the payment please send me a MESSAGE including:
- one (or more PICTURES), preferably CLOSEUP of the face 
- specify eye and hair colour and hairstyle or/end facial hair style 
- any important details on clothes you want, or other features, I can propose also solutions
- the name of the person I will make as a mini me Doll , it comes with a recycled paper tag
- anything else you want , use the internet for photo references if you need

I will start working on your Mini-me dolls AFTER receipt of payment and I always will send you a picture prior to shipping so you see the final result.



FIRST send me a photo or scan of the drawing as a messages.

Please mention any details you think consider important.

Please mention the address you want the doll to be shipped to.

I will we able to plan a solution for your toy and then I will send you an estimate plus a time needed as a reply to your message. That will be the final price (including the shipping) and if you are OK with it, I will make a listing for your toy related to this request and you will need to buy this listing in the next 3-4 days.

After I receive the payment, I will begin to work on your unique order and respect the DDL I promised.

I will always show you the final result before I will ship it. I will allow max 3 days for you to agree on the final toy after I will ship it to you. I will be able to send you a tracking number once I have shipped your order.

I will wait for your happy reaction when you will receive it ! ;)

PRODUCTION time for MY PERSONALIZED TOYS is between 3 - 6 WEEKS + shipping, planned after you make the payment.