Kain Plush, Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain replica plush, Custom plush vampire inspired by Blood Omen Game, Kain custom plush doll 55 cm

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I'm stoked to present you my interpretation of Kain, the cool vampire from Blood Omen, the new addition to my on growing custom plush collector's plush extravaganza!

This custom plush is one of my most elaborate ones so far. He is made of plush, fleece, cotton yarns, polyester fiberfill and lots of embroidery details.

This product needs an extensive time to be produced after your order, please allow 8-10 weeks or more.

Care instruction:
If needed, you can spot clean him. Or if you must, you can also wash him into your washing machine. Use a gentle cycle on your washing machine, max 30 degrees Celsius and max 600 rotations and place the plush first into a protective bag or a closed pillow case. Do not tumble dry. Also please put his hair into a pony tail first before washing it.