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Sunset Dialogues: An Embroidered Tapestry of Timeless Conversations

Sunset Dialogues: An Embroidered Tapestry of Timeless Conversations

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Embrace the warmth of ‘Sunset Dialogues,’ a poetic wall tapestry that captures the heart’s unspoken words. Each thread weaves a tale of connection, with vibrant yellows and fiery oranges depicting a timeless exchange between day and night.

Surrounding them, a constellation of geometric shapes emerged, each one a word unspoken, a thought unvoiced. Hexagons of wisdom, cubes of curiosity, all stitched in shades of black and blue, created a symphony of silent dialogue. This was a conversation beyond words, a discourse of the soul.

This embroidered home decor is a silent ode to the beauty of conversation, a perfect harmony of color and emotion for your space.

Your exquisite embroidery arrives unframed, securely nestled within a sturdy cardboard envelope, ensuring its safe journey to you. Upon arrival, you have the creative freedom to present it as you envision. Visit your local framer, select a frame that speaks to your style, and showcase it in your space, tailored to your taste.

Size Options:

  • Standard: The embroidery’s natural boundary measures 30 x 20 cm, allowing for an intimate display of the artwork.
  • Extended: Opt for a more pronounced presence with additional fabric margin, extending the dimensions to 40 x 30 cm.

Please allow a crafting period of 3-4 weeks post-purchase for your unique piece to be brought to life.

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