Custom plush baby giraffe, Giffy, soft and light weight stuffed animal with weighted beads, 50/40 cm


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This baby giraffe called Giffy is one of my sweetest plushies. I rarely to replicate the natural details of a certain creature, but for this cute baby giraffe I have found this awesome combination of natural patterns and different plush textures, a very detailed embroidery face expression and some cute simplifies feet with weighted beads inside for extra movement and stability.
In the followings months some cute clothes will be available to purchase together with the plush giraffe since winter is coming and such a cute create needs few worm clothes.

She is almost 50 cm tall and 40 cm long when standing up, make of soft plush and fleece, her face details are embroidered, plastic safety eyes.
If you need I can embroider a text on her leg or belly.

Each new Giraffe needs 4-6 weeks for the making after your purchase.