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Custom plush Dragon 180 cm - reserved for ROBERT - 2nd payment 50%

Custom plush Dragon 180 cm - reserved for ROBERT - 2nd payment 50%

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This is a custom offer posted for Robert - as 2nd payment 50% that needs to be paid 30 days aftre the payment of the 1st 50% payment.

It includes the last 50% of the total cost for a 100% custom plush based on the illustration received, about 180 cm tall with these agreed details:

- teeth and horns might be plush or 3d prints - TBD

- mouth could stay open but not stay closed as well - like in the first head shot from your illustration.

- all black details on the grey parts of the body - are doable

- most of the black details on the black parts are not doable 

- the huge wings won't stay up like in the drawing since they will have a lot of weight.

- at least 6 months to complete it and ship it to you after placing your order here
Cost includes: research and finding the right fabrics, approving them with you, design the patterns and build the final plush character.

-DHL Express Shipping is included - I can confirm this once you give me your address. It's a remote location, en extra fee will apply.

Please select this Shipping option before checkout so the total cost will appear:DHL Express for big package - up to 6kg

My 100% custom orders are done as close as possible to the brief received and you can see my portfolio to understand the level of care and detail I put in all my work. All custom toys are made with extreme care and they involve intensive work. You will always see best result after lots of tests. Nevertheless I need to state that when I will send you the final plush photos for the final approval before I will ship the toy, in case you want modifications to the work already done, I will let you know what is possible and what is not possible , meaning that sometimes some modifications won't be possible. At few big stages I will be able to send you progress photos but this is limited due to time needed to make proper photos. You agree on all this when placing the order.

Refunds are not applicable on custom orders.

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