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DHMIS Embroidered Wall Art - Set of 3 Miniature Character portraits, Embroidered Decor, 10/12 cm

DHMIS Embroidered Wall Art - Set of 3 Miniature Character portraits, Embroidered Decor, 10/12 cm

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Whimsical Wonders from the World of DHMIS: Embroidered Eccentricities

Step into the delightfully twisted universe of “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” with our exclusive set of three embroidery wall ornaments. Each piece is a portal to the peculiar, capturing the essence of the beloved characters that have danced their way out of the screens and into our hearts.

Red Guy Revelry: Adorn your room with the Red Guy, whose mop-like head and existential musings have puzzled and charmed fans alike. This handcrafted embroidery brings his spaghetti-like skepticism right to your wall, inviting you to ponder the deeper meanings of life—or just enjoy his offbeat presence.

Duck’s Droll Display: The plaid-coated, anthropomorphic Duck Guy is ready to quack up your decor. With his green feathers and a gaze that’s seen too much, this embroidery is a nod to the fans who appreciate the darker side of puppetry. It’s not just a wall ornament; it’s a conversation starter.

Yellow Guy’s Youthful Yarns: Brighten up any room with the naive and ever-curious Yellow Guy. His blue-haired innocence and overalls are intricately stitched, bringing a touch of absurdity and a dash of color to your home. It’s a piece that says, “Let’s get creative!” in the most literal sense.

Crafted with care and a touch of the bizarre, these embroidery pieces are perfect for anyone who finds beauty in the oddities of “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.” Hang them up and let the conversations begin!

This exclusive collection of wall art features three miniature pieces, each standing between 10 to 12 cm in height. This trio of embroidered treasures is meticulously crafted and awaiting to grace your space, with a promise of prompt dispatch following your order.”

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