Doug, the half ripped zebra based on Toy Story 4, Toy Story 4 replica plush, Doug Zebra replica, 64cm

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This is my interpretation of Doug, the Half Ripped Zebra from TOY STORY 4.
This custom collectible toy is made by me and he is 64 cm total but since he is ripped in half, the bottom part is 24 cm tall and the upper part is 40 cm. I've created him adding all his details from the movie. He is made using embroidery to add the exact details on this body, the hairs are made using wool threads, the eyes are made of painted wood,

Production time needed between 4-8 weeks after your purchase.

Small variations may occur to each toy I made, all toys are handmade, not mass produced.

Let's talk a little bit about the little ones,
about the background characters, the secondary ones,
the least visible ones, the tiny ones.

We automatically admire a main character,
be he a superhero, a lion,
or just a guy riding a horse.

If you are a little more careful though, you will notice
that there is always someone else in the shadows.

Important care info: you cannot wash this toy into the washing machine . If you need to clear the body use a smooth cloth and soapy water avoiding the eyes area.


After I receive the payment, please allow around 4-8 weeks for me to work on your Zebra.
Each toy is unique since it is handmade by me, small variations may appear.

I will wait for your happy reaction when you will receive it ! ;)