I am Eyecandy - Wall Art, Home Pixie with poem on the back, 75 cm, yellow

Eyecandy Monsters

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This new character is designed and made by me in my atelier in Bucharest. He is about 75 cm tall, his main function is to be hanged on your wall but at the same time he can sit in a relaxed manned where ever you'll put him.

On his back you can read the poem " Ochiul închis"  by Romanian poet Ana Blandiana.  (  the title in English is Eye-Blink, translated from the Romanian by Paul Scott Derrick)

This is a made to order product, I will need around 4 weeks to produce it after your purchase.

I can add another poem or text on his back as long as it will fit in length.

The English translation of the poem below:


I don’t dare to close my eyes for an instant.

I’m afraid

I’ll crush the world between my lids

And hear it all crunch to bits

Like a hazelnut between my teeth.

How long will I be able to keep myself awake?

How long will I be able to keep the world alive?

I stare at everything desperately

And feel a pity, like a dog,

For this helpless universe

That will end up dead in my eye when it shuts.