Personalized Panda Portrait Doll based on photos, mini-me plush doll, look-alike child doll, 40 cm


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THIS OFFER INCLUDES 1 Panda DOLL of 40 cm with embroidered face details designed to resemble the child, custom embroidery that illustrates his love for T-rex dinosaurs.
PRODUCTION time for MY PERSONALIZED TOYS is around 4 - 8 WEEKS + shipping, planned after you make the payment.
I have created this custom Panda Boy Plushie on request using the child photos as reference for the his face and a list of his favorites for the embroidery details on his chest ( the baby T-Rex) to illustrate his personality.

Mixing and matching different fabrics, textures, colors, I've managed to come up with this amazing creature which will bring great joy to his receiver. He will see himself into this Plush Panda Boy.

The face details can be modified to fit the child's face features ( color of the eyes, mouth or hair details) . For this please send me a picture where I can see the face and I will send you first a sketch of my interpretation for the portrait.

Also the embroidery on the chest can be an element of your choice to illustrate child's preferences. Please send me your ideas.

We can select together the best fabrics match for your Custom Panda Plushie - Portrait Doll. I will send you available fabrics to choose from.

My personalized dolls are collectable toys, please treat them with care.