Toy Story 4 Replica Boy green hair, 27 cm, OOAK gift for a true Toy Story Fan

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This green hair boy toy is my interpretation of this cute character from Toy story 4. He is 26-27 cm tall, depending on how you'll style his hair.

Let's talk a little bit about the little ones,
about the background characters, the secondary ones,
the least visible ones, the tiny ones.

We automatically admire a main character,
be he a superhero, a lion,
or just a guy riding a horse.

If you are a little more careful though, you will notice
that there is always someone else in the shadows.

After I receive the payment, I will begin to work on your unique order and respect the DDL I promised.

I will wait for your happy reaction when you will receive it ! ;)

Important care info: you can wash this toy into the washing machine at 30 degrees celsius and the toy will stay the same after each wash.