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Zombie Goatz Plush from Goat Simulator, custom plush glow in the dark eyes

Zombie Goatz Plush from Goat Simulator, custom plush glow in the dark eyes

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This is my interpretation of the Zombie GoatZ Plush from Goat Simulator Game.

I had a blast recreating them for two brothers who are in love with this game and with the plushie they used to have from a long time ago.

The plush Zombie Goat is made of different texture plush, felt and faux leather, with custom made glow in dark eyes, stuffed with virgin polyester fiberfill. The jet pack can be taken off, is it attached under its belly with a Velcro strap.

The plush is about 40 cm long from nose to tail.

Care instructions:

You can clean it by using your washing machine but only with cold water and a  by putting the plush first into a protective bag or a closed pillow case. Warm or hot water can damage the glow in the dark paint on the eyes.

Fun fact from "Ironically, Goat Simulator’s greatest strength was always how roughly hewn its mechanical makeup was. The game, which originated as a joke project designed for a game jam, was riddled with the kinds of bugs that should have made it near-impossible to play — but by virtue of its nature as a literal goat simulator, they just made it even funnier. From Pilgor the goat’s raucous ragdolling to the wild emergent shenanigans that could arise from invisible gaps in the sandbox’s stitching, Goat Simulator quickly established itself as an excellent game to play with friends." source:

This offer includes one plush Zombie Goat. It needs about 4 weeks to be produced after you make your purchase.



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